Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to Full Throttle

Hello and welcome to the home of the Full Throttle, the podcast about Warmachine and Hordes!

Based out of sunny Las Vegas, NV (no really, it's a dry heat...) and hosted by Dylan Yach and Pete Lowther, we are also going to be featuring other members of our local community such as our local Press Ganger, FLGS owner, and anyone else that plays like they've got a pair. We are going to start out with a biweekly release schedule but we have already talked about about going to a weekly format once we get a head of steam going.

So the question is "If this is a podcast, where is it?" Right now the first episode is being finely tuned with all the delicacy of a sledgehammer but it will be up within the week so be sure to come back soon!

Until then, get ready because we are about to go Full Throttle!

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